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The Opportunity

The Arcuro SuperBall™ is the all-suture meniscus repair system that preserves knee functionality and is secure, reliable, and effective. 

The Company believes its knotless implant presents an opportunity for surgeons to confidently choose to repair the meniscus instead of removing it. As a result, Arcuro expects to convert a significant portion of the meniscus removal procedures performed annually to repair procedures.

According to MedDevice Tracker (March 2017), the global meniscus repair market is currently valued at over $300 million. Worldwide, there are more than 2 million meniscus procedures performed annually. The global market is $300 million, with a CAGR of 13%.  

The meniscus repair procedure is not yet performed in China. Surgeons and local players in the orthopedic market are excited to bring this new approach to their facilities. With an aging population and increase in sport injuries in China, Arcuro believes that the Chinese market offers a significant opportunity for its innovative implant.

The Meniscus

Located in the knee joint, the delicate meniscus is a C-shaped cartilage (see illustration) that acts as a shock absorber and “cushions” the knee. Meniscus tears are common in professional athletes and sports enthusiasts alike — and up to 60% of the population over age 65.

To maintain knee functionality, current practice is moving away from surgical removal of the meniscus (meniscectomy) toward arthroscopic repair techniques. Shortcomings of current repair devices, however, include rigid implants and difficult-to-use delivery systems that lead to poor repair quality, increased intraoperative failure, long-term damage to the meniscus, device failures, and the inability to repair all areas of the meniscus.